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The original gift book for soon-to-be (or even has-been) dads, "Keeping the Baby Alive" is a tongue-in-cheek peek at modern parenting from a father's point of view. It's as funny, page-by-page, as the title promises, and all of the laughter is backed by candid advice.
160 pages • 7 original illustrations

"Keeping Your Toddler on Track till Mommy Gets Back," packs the facts with laughter—everything you ever wanted to know about taking care of toddlers (including a lot of the disgusting stuff no one should have to know). How not to be too pooped to Pop. Why toddlers often end up too Popped to poop.
224 pages • 10 original illustrations

Motherhood Exposed...
beautifully written, humorous and wise.
See your own family's good days and bad reflected in the timeless myths every mother confronts. If you like the humor, honesty and insight of writers such as Erma Bombeck and Robert Fulghum, you are sure to fall in love with Motherhood Exposed by Katherine Grace.

Motherhood Exposed

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First in The Budget-Romance Traveler series, Real Florida: a travel guide for the passionate yet practical is your passport to a first-class, affordable adventure in the Sunshine State. Discover secrets only locals know. What to see. Where to stay. Where to eat. Explore a dozen out-of-the-ordinary destinations.

272 pages • 90 black & white photographs


Now, the action starts with conception and races to the threshold of Toddlerhood with laughs to spare. Hilarious new "Pop" quizzes test the reader's knowledge... while time-honored, Mommy-approved infant-care secrets grace every chapter. Newly revealed, the ancient "Ten Commandments of 21st Century Infant Care" will delight male and female readers alike.

192 pages • 12 original illustrations

Today, granddads across the globe are living longer, acting younger and having more fun with their grandchildren. "Keeping Your Grandkids Alive till Their Ungrateful Parents Arrive: The Guide for Fun-Loving Granddads" is ready to help modern grandfathers embark on the most rewarding journey of their lives...making sure they have loads of laughs and common sense suggestions to take with them.

192 pages • 12 original illustrations

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Real Florida

Keeping Your GrandkidsAlive "The Guide for Fun-Loving Granddads"

Original Keeping the Baby Alive

Keeping the Baby Alive till Your Wife Gets Home: Special Edition

Keeping Your Toddler on Track

Motherhood Exposed



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